Our Philosophy

In doing business the right way, with our client’s interest as target, we strive to achieve better. Insisting on the highest ethical standards makes us a trusted partner.

As our projects grow, we grow too. That is why we are committed to making a difference, adding values, and always striving for the better outcome. With better outcomes as a target, and an independent view as approach, we do things smarter

Bearing in mind future generations, we are continuously improving our operations to meet with our ecological accountability. we dedicate our efforts to enhance asset efficiency, material sustainability, and implement new ways for energy re-use


11/1030, 1st Floor, Saint Mark bldg., Slave street
Dekweneh, LB

About JACE

Our firm’s knowledge covers a wide range of engineering services: design, consultancy, management, advisory, forensic, site supervision, and quality control, providing all the technical supports needed, backed with more than 30 years of experience required, to run any scale project from scratch to completion at a steady pace.

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